Last updated Jul 8, 2020

Q Why is my Baseline so low?

A There are a few reasons why your Baseline might be low or not quite accurate.

1) If you haven’t recorded many workouts in the history of your Apple account, there may not be enough data to calculate an accurate Baseline number for you. When you start recording workouts, give it a week or so and you’ll start to see something that looks more like you!

2) If you don’t wear a smartwatch, or perhaps don’t take your phone with you when you’re walking, then there won’t be a lot of data available to calculate a truly accurate Baseline. What should you do? Start recording your workouts manually under Activity.

If you see a message about having insufficient activity data, be patient. Give it some time. The algorithm will continue to learn more about your activity and generate a new, more accurate Baseline over time.

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