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Baseline empowers your greatest resource - your people.

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Your greatest competitor is no longer the club across the street. It’s your member’s fitness experience.

Grow your brand beyond the club experience with Baseline - a Social Fitness App that empowers clubs, boutiques, and studios to better understand your members’ health journeys. Baseline equips trainers, instructors, and coaches to connect with clients and members through direct accountability. Custom workouts, team chats, and daily challenges & goals encompass what it means to get active, stay healthy, and be mindful.


Understand Your Members’ Fitness Journeys

The path to better health is not “one-size-fits-all”. Each of your members have unique journeys to achieve their health goals. From the moment they search for a local gym or studio, to when they set foot in your doors, each individual has set objectives. Baseline quantifies this journey, even flagging those that may end their memberships. Enhance your club’s experience by providing your staff with the tools they need to treat every member as unique in their fitness – their Baseline.


Transform Your Classes into Active Communities

Baseline facilitates more than just 1-on-1 coaching or semi-private training. Turning classes into teams, Baseline becomes a tool of encouragement for each member, expanding beyond the 4 walls of your fitness club, gym, or studio. Led by an instructor, or even your members themselves, Teams allow you to encourage each individual, deepening the culture of your classes with group accountability. Developed relationships with each member creates a community that is invaluable to your business.


Provide Insights on Your Member Health

Baseline allows your trainers and coaches to track the progress of your members – from accomplished Challenges & Goals to performance in Heart Rate Zones, coaches can now easily access history logs, understand how a workout made them feel, and celebrate tangible results.


Create Custom Workouts

Strengthen your member experience with Baseline’s custom workout tool, providing your trainers, instructors, and coaches the ability to create time-oriented, unique regiments for each client – whether it’s challenging an entire cycling class to burn 400 calories today, or setting a goal for Jason to do 300 pushups this week. Use Challenges & Goals as a means to work with members outside your gym, club or studio, while being able to track their accomplishments and progress.


Motivate and Educate Clients with In-App Messaging

Have your trainers become a real-time resource for clients in their health journey. Using Baseline’s Chat feature, stay in communication with members outside your fitness facility with ease. Your instructors can message clients when a new challenge has been posted, or just to encourage them in their next workout!

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