Baseline provides motivation for employees to choose to take an active part in their health every day.

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Motivate your employees to take an active part in their health every day.

76% of the workforce is struggling with their physical wellbeing according to the Global Wellness Institute. By making activity a common goal and building community amongst coworkers, your organization grows stronger, from the inside out.

Increase Productivity & Decrease Stress

Baseline sends reminders for daily movement based on an individual's goals. From a 10 minute walk to a full body workout, physical movement is proven to increase blood flow and release endorphins to decrease stress while staying alert and active throughout the day.

Improve Culture and Sense of Community

Healthy people are happier people. With Baseline, you can help your employees build relationships with coworkers outside of work (especially remote teams). Users can create friendly group challenges throughout your organization that bring a sense of togetherness and allow groups to work towards a common goal.

Incentivize Employees and New Hires

Incorporating the Baseline app throughout your organization provides an experience that employees look forward to. By encouraging physical activity, healthy habits, and meditation, your workplace becomes an environment of positive change that people want to be a part of.

Promote Healthier Employees & Stronger Company Culture

At what stage does an employee become an employee, embracing the full experience of your organization? It’s the moment when an employee feels valued, secure, actively engages, and is aligned with the overall mission of the company.

Physical and mental health greatly impacts employees’ experience in the workplace. By setting personalized and attainable goals centered around activity, Baseline gives your employees the tools they need to engage fully with your organization through health and wellness touchpoints. Your employees are best serving your organization when they're the best version of themselves. Activity and healthy lifestyle changes with Baseline help them get there.

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