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Baseline creates realistic fitness goals for health and wellness.

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Building Your Baseline

Reclaim your physical and mental wellbeing

Everyone's health journey is different. That’s why the Baseline app helps you by providing a starting point - a Baseline - to get you moving. It is a reference point for your current physical and mental status, moving with you through your health journey. The more daily activity you do, the more positive change you will see in your Baseline. With this, you can better understand how certain activities impact your health, all the while visually seeing the progress you’re making.

Keep using your favorite apps for recording. Use Baseline to know how well you're doing!

Create & Engage with Teams

Build accountability with teams that help you achieve your goals

Got a sports team, school club, or friend squad? Baseline provides a platform where you can build teams for accountability through challenges and goals, with healthy and positive group encouragement. Teams can be anonymous or built around people you know. Family reunion coming up? Encourage everyone to walk 1 mile in the next 24 hours by creating a team and a challenge for some friendly competition. Work towards achievements that can be celebrated together.

Personalized Health Reporting

There's no motivation greater than real progress

Once you’ve built your Baseline, watch it move up or down from week to week based on your activity and interactions. Your Baseline always aligns with realistic, attainable objectives no matter where you are in your journey. From beginners to athletes, Baseline helps you get active, stay healthy, and be mindful.

Creating your Baseline is quick and easy.


Build Your Baseline

Complete a questionnaire designed to zero in on your unique goals and health status.


Collect Your Data

We use health data from your Apple Watch and other devices/apps to create a more accurate Baseline.


Track Your Progress

Make your health data more accessible. See how you measure up against your own standards day by day and week to week.


Build a Team

Got a sports team, school club, or friend squad? Baseline provides a platform where you can build teams for accountability.


Challenges & Goals

If competition is your motivator, Baseline lets you create goals and challenges for you and your team to work on.